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Terrace cultivation in Tamera

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Terrace cultivation in Tamera

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bioenergetic gardening

For the last 19 years I have lived and gardened in community. I grew up in a farm and I always loved to work with my hands and simple tools. When I was 17 I discovered Hartha-yoga, and have been practicing since then. I began to study …more

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In 2007 I met Sepp Holzer in Tamera and began a three-year training in “Holzer-permaculture”. Since then I have been caring for and cultivating the terraced gardens around Lake 1 – the first lake we created in Tamera with Sepp Holzer. My …more


This is a call to all gardeners and earth-healers!Learn to train your body, working with the broadfork and other tools. Here you can find a special offer of workshop about bio-energetic gardening by Robert Wiener…more